cold medicine


fun stuff i tell ya. i no longer have that slow 500mhz, last night, before i went to bed, i installed my 2.1ghz, and im loving every second of it. amazing how much faster this computer is. i know i had a lot to blog about yesterday, but i forgot it. like via, i was high on cough medicine. there’s something going around at work. yesterday, 2 people had to leave sick, and the previous night i noticed my throat starting to hurt. when i got home, i downed a bunch of nyquil in hopes of drowning out the thing before it gets any better. yesterday, when i woke up, i could still feel it in my thoat and it was getting worse. so, at like 6am when i woke up, i downed some dayquil and headed off to school. i made a little mistake tho. i took medicine on an empty stomach. so while i was driving, i started to get drowsy. i had never been scared driving till yesterday. i was like kinda nodding off at the wheel. it was not cool at all. i was driving at like 60 on the interstate when i usually go about 70. people were passing me left and right. i had my music loud and was just trying to stay awake. eventually i got to school but i know that affected me during the exam. i dont think i did so well. anyways. i have some stuff to take care of before work, but im off tomorrow! i dont remember a time i was off on the weekend, so im going to go xmas shopping, then just relax. ill be on tonight.

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