dead exhausted

im about to die. i didn’t even eat breakfast today cause i was playing ddr. sad? i know, but i couldn’t help it, lol. if nothing, i accomplished something today. i can clear paranoia, but cant get higher than c. yea yea, i suck, i know, lol. anyways. cas even joined in on the action. she even showed me out on paranoia. im in envy of her skills! {{popup dancewlouis.jpg dancewlouis 383×275}}click here to check it out! here’s some results from a few songs. B’s on all of them but paranioa’s.

{{popup results-b4u.jpg results-b4u 320×239}}b4u
{{popup results-burnin_the_floor.jpg results-burnin_the_floor 321×241}}burnin the floor
{{popup results-end_of_the_century.jpg results-end_of_the_century 322×242}}end of the century
{{popup results-hysteria.jpg results-hysteria 322×241}}hysteria
{{popup results-luv_to_me.jpg results-luv_to_me 321×240}}luv to me
{{popup results-matsuri_japan.jpg results-matsuri_japan 321×240}}matsuri japan
{{popup results-paranoia_180.jpg results-paranoia_180 322×241}}paranoia 180
{{popup results-paranoia_rebirth.jpg results-paranoia_rebirth 323×242}}paranoia rebirth

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ddr live!

monday != fun