does weed make you think?

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst

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  1. Possible sure. But its not like we transmit like a freaking radio station. First you would have to figure out exactly how the brain works. THEN, have an antenna of some type sensitive enough to pick up the very faint signal of the human brain. Then, you would have to filter out visual information and other nerve impulses. And thats assuming you can figure out how to interpret the data that you receive. Its not like we think in binary.

  2. yea.. well youre brain is transmitting radio wabes.. but whats the ODDS that the radio waves actually correlate to your thoughts?? honestly the radio waves are probably the equivelant to … what? static on the radio??? Hell.. if that was the case every RADIO would pick up thoughts :\ as well as cordless and cellular phones, satelite dishes… shit….

    weed makes ya think.. but just a bunch of overreactant paranoid thoughts :)

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