edible play dough!!!

sometimes you get sick of seeing the same sites with the same content right? well, someone gave me a link on aim a little while ago, so i went to have a look @ lori‘s site. and i must say, she has some great content. i was looking through the games, and she has TRON! lol, if you don’t know what tron is, you’re to young. she has quite a few little games on there to occupy your time, but what suprised me… i’ve never seen a cook book on a site. and what made it even more unique was she doesn’t have the normal recipes you would find anywhere. i wonder if wendy’s knows their secret is out. lori shows you how to make the world famous wendy’s frosty! she has other odd recipes like edible play dough, vanilla lip balm, soap crayons, and smoke/fog. check out her site @

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