electrify me please

i haven’t had a day this boring in a while. i spent the day staring at the ceiling for the most part. my car is still in the shop, so i didn’t have any way to get out. but this morning, i woke up to a really bad storm. i don’t remember seeing one like this in pensacola in quite a while. at 8:15am, we lost power. that messed up my plans because i had a power point presentation on this computer that i needed to finish. so i gave it a few hours, waited, but by 12pm, we still had no power. i started to panic. but around 2 when i was starting to give up hope, i remembered my mom’s laptop was charged, so i went down there and got her laptop and redid the presentation from notes i had. i got that finished, and at 5:30pm, the power came back on. by then it was too late to work on the originals because i had to get ready to leave for our group meeting tonight (to work on this oral report). so i’m off to that now, i’ll be on later. oh yea, when i get back, i’ll work on the forum‘s layout. that default layout is getting on my nerves.

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