episode 2

well im not the most avid star wars fan *flashes back to the news and seeing the people dressed like darth maul playing with lightsabers*, but i went to see episode 2 last night with tom and willis. and i will admit that it was a pretty good movie. thats one thing with george lucas, he knows how to make a movie. even tho i think that guy has let the fame get to his head. but thats another story. the only thing that upset me. the ending of the movie… i dont want to give it away for those of you that havn’t seen it… um, theres nothing to really give away, its just that the movie ends with the clone army going off to fight the big war. you would think that “attack of the clones” would mean it was more of a battle, but nope. oh well. the fight they did show between some clones and the jedi was good tho. and to top it off, yoda fought. i dont know why he carries around that cane and acts all old. when it went down, he dropped the stick, took out the light saber, and started pulling moves from the matrix. my eyes couldn’t even keep up with him. i guess thats why he’s the strongest jedi. but i would definatly go to see it if you havn’t. you dont really have to be a fan of star wars, its a good movie in general. after the movie we went to ihop. at the time i really wasn’t hungry, but after walking in and smelling the food, i was starving. the guy seated us and gave us menus etc and got us the drinks. then he left. we were sitting there for what seemed to be 15 mins just talking, and one of us must of caught the eye of the guy that seated us, cause he then asked us if anyone had came and took our order. we were like no, and then you could see a bit of anger in his eye. he finished serving the food the this group of old people (last night i realized that i hope i dont shrink when i get old. the guy sitting across the room from me, i dont think his feat touched the ground. he must of shrunk like 6-7 inches or more) he went to the kitchen to call um, mike (i think that was his name). i felt bad for him really cause he was gettin yelled at by that manager guy, and honestly. we didn’t even realize he wasn’st there. we were just talking and talking not paying attention to the time. when he finally did come tho, and took our orders, i was like “dont worry man, we didn’t realize you didn’t come” and he just smiled. but we finally got our food (took us forever even after we ordered). i could tell they cooked mine first. i looked over willis‘s and i could see it piping with smoke. and mine was all cold. but i didn’t care, hunger gets the best of ya. but it was cool. at the end, we let willis take the bill. he got a brand new credit card, and we had to break it in for him, lol.

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst

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