filming an episode of C.O.P.S.

last night was fun. i was talking to nicola when my phone rang at like 10 something pm. so i picked it up and it was my friend wanting me to pick him up from work and take him home. now he has a truck, so i was like, why do you need me to take you home? he goes, “my girlfriend just called and said she saw someone peeking through the window, and she she went over there, she heard someone push off and run. so i need someone to take me over there in a car they won’t know.” so i’m like uhh, ok. in the back of my mind, i knew i was getting into something i didn’t want to. so i take him over there and he’s giving me the story on the way there. he goes, there are these guys that are always watching my house. since we have some nice stuff, like a big screen tv, etc. they always watch the house close. now he works 2 jobs to support himself and his mother. now, there is only 1 entrance to his neighborhood, and when i turned down the street to enter, there was this old pickup truck sitting there… three guys. now it obviously looked as if they were the watchout cause they were just sitting there.

the truck was off, and the windows rolled down like they have been sitting there for awhile. my friend was like “go straight”, because usually you would make a right to get to his house. so i drove straight until we got outta the view of the pickup truck. and he was like stop, and jumpped outta the car and ran towards his house. i saw him pick up a stick or bar or something. i felt like it was a police raid on a house. it felt as if the cameras could be sitting in my backseat filming a show of C.O.P.S. now i guess he made to much noise jumping outta the car, because the people who we stopped in front of, their lights suddenly turned on. so i was like, let me get outta here before they try and start something with me, so i drove around to the other side towards his house (a big circle type road) and when i got there, he jumped in all outta breath) so i was like, “did you see anyone” and he was like no. but as he was getting in, some other car pulled in and drove right by us. my friend was like “i’ve never seen that car in my life”. so we ignored it, and drove by the guys in the truck again, and this time they all looked at us. at that point, my friend was about ready to jump out and go after them. but i got to the entrance and drove off. i was going to take him back up to work where he left his truck. i looked back in my rearview mirror and noticed that unknown car turned behind me… then that pickup truck, their lights came on, and turned behind us too! at that point, we were like “oh sh*t, they are following us” so i picked up speed, and that unknown car drove faster too. i think i was going like 60 in a 40. so he was like, make a left here louis, and i did… surely enough, they followed, and they were keeping up with me. so i made a right, and at the end of that street was an intersection with a busy road. so when i got there, i only had like 2 seconds to go, so i jumpped out in front of traffic with just enough space for me to get in. the other car hadn’t got to the intersection yet, but they saw that we were on that road. so before they got to the intersection to see us, i turned off the road… in effect making us look like we had already gone. i drove down some road, and turned around, and just left. what a night. i told my mom about it afterwards, and she just laughed and said “you better had not led them back here”

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Written by xorsyst

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  1. lmao…damn that is krazy. i would have juss drove away as soon as i seen the truck. no matter how hard i am, i am no match for a weapon, and they could have had one!!

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