finals start today

it’s been a while since i slept that much. i don’t remember what time i went to sleep… somewhere around 11pm. friday, i got maybe 3 hours of sleep, so i was kinda out of it the whole day. on my way home, i caught myself kinda falling asleep at the wheel while driving. that wasn’t cool. there was this one turn right before you get to the street my house is off of, and i kinda went off the road, but quickly got back on after i realized what i did. you know how you can be tired one min, do something that scares you, and then feel all energized and awake? that’s what happened. but i made it home after rolling down all the windows, and turning up the cd player really loud to keep me up. but the reason i went to sleep so early last night was because i have an exam today. *joy* i hate exams on saturdays. your mind just can’t get into school on the weekend… well at least mine can’t. but luckily it’s my easiest exam. not much thought goes into it. so i’ll be back around 4, and for once in the past 2-3 days, i’ll be on aim.

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