firestone almost killed me

i think i have the car from hell. if you remember a few weeks ago, i told you that i had to get a new engine and alternator put in. well since then, the car has been running fine… until today. well it really isn’t a problem with the car itself, but the tires. today on the way to school, i noticed a kinda bumping type of sound… kinda like when you have a flat. the car wasn’t driving smoothly at all. when i got to school, and parked, i looked at the tire, and it looked fine. wasn’t going flat at all. so i just dismissed it and went to class. well afterwards, on my way home, i noticed it getting worse. i could feel the whole car kinda shakeing sorta. hard to describe. but at that point, i was getting nervous. i could just see my tire coming off and me crashing into something on the side of the road. so i was taking my time in turns (where it became obvious something was wrong). i finally got home, and got to take a good look at my tire. it seems that the thread was splitting on the sides. so i just went inside kinda forgot about it. about 3 hours later, i had to go pick up my sisters, so i went outside back to my car… and i was shocked at what i saw. see for yourself: {{popup tire1.jpg tire1 320×240}}tire1, {{popup tire2.jpg tire2 320×240}}tire2, {{popup tire3.jpg tire3 320×240}}tire3, {{popup tire4.jpg tire4 320×240}}tire4. so i had to drive one of our other cars to pick up my sisters, and when i got back, i put a spare tire on my car, and drive up to big 10 tires. i had another tire already, so they just had to take of the old tire off the wheel, and put the new one on. and the guy was nice, he did it for free. so that was cool. so i put the tire back in my car and drove home, and when i got back, put the new one on. i swear tho… this car hates me. and oh, i didn’t notice this till after it was all over… guess who made the tire that split? FIRESTONE!!! see, remember all those recalls they had about a year or two ago? about the tread splitting and causing accidents. i was going to be another statistic!!! damn firestone!

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Written by xorsyst

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