first day

well my first day went great. got there at 9, and had to fill out paperwork (joy) and get my picture taken for my id card. so i sat down there, and she took the picture, and then said “why is it that guys always have to act tough and dont smile?” so she was like, you have to take another one, and SMILE. lol. so i have a unflattering pic of me smiling. anyways, they put me in the dept i wanted (sight and sound) so basically what i do is help customer with questions about questions with computers, games, radios, etc. it was so hot in there yesterday. everyone was complaining about the heat. so it didn’t make working any easier. luckily for me, it was slow yesterday. but a sale started today, so most of the day yesterday was spent bringing out boxes full of stuff that were to be sold tomorrow. i go back in tomorrow. i work every day except mondays and wednesdays. and i dont even get paid until 3 weeks cause i started in the middle of a pay period. oh well. should be a pretty good check when i do get it.

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