flashes of female OZ

i always get the weird things happening to me while i’m out. on my way to the bank today, i pulled out behind this van type thing… it’s the kinda truck UPS has… but it was a sherrif’s truck, and the back was open and covered with a wire type of gate. inside of the truck there were about 7 or so female inmates. i assume they were off to do some kind of work out in the community or something. anyways, i was trying not to look inside, but it’s kinda hard when they are directly in front of you and you’re driving. so one of them caught eye contact with me, and she smiled, then the girl right across from her looked over,and they both started to smile. i’m like… “oh here we go…” now, i was behind them for a good 10 mins, and for that whole time, they were giggling up a storm, and flashing numbers with their hands (i assume it was a phone number or something). *side note… i need to start carrying around my digital cam with me from now on. i always miss the perfect opportunities* but as i was turning off, like 3 of them waved bye. it was funny.

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Written by xorsyst

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