get them a car

sometimes i wish my sisters drove. for the past 2 weeks, since im out of school, ive had to drive them to school / from school, and anywhere else they need to go. i cant wait till next month when summer school starts for me, and i have an excuse. so ive been in a bad mood for awhile now, but today i got my tax return back, and $$$ always makes me smile.

abercrombie & fitch is starting to become the bad boys of the clothing world. i dont know if many of you knew a few weeks ago, a&f were being protested because of a line of clothes that enforced negative sterotypes of asians. now, they are once again being protested cause, and i quote, “…selling thong underwear with sexually charged phrases for children. the skimpy undies have the words ‘eye candy’ and ‘wink wink’ printed on the front.” come on, is there some kinda brick wall between the marketing people, and the public relations department for a&f? they are just digging a deeper hole. read the article

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Written by xorsyst

happy bday tom