go areesah!

ah, today’s turning out to be an ok after all. i had to get up at 8am today to take my sister to her bus. she’s leaving for the capitol today. she made it to the state history fair. so wish her luck. after i did that, i went and got my hair cut. i always feel good after getting a hair cut. i dunno what it is, maybe because my head feels lighter. oh well. everyone wish areesah a big congrats. she has made 1,000 post on the forum. she is #1 for sure now. i admit it, she rules the forum, heh. im in second now with 839 posts, and cutestmami2luv is close behind with 825. we have had a few new members to the board with sites. dezi, drama, hunniibee, and preshus_pnai have all joined. check out their sites, and if you haven’t yet, join the forum by clicking here.

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Written by xorsyst

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