had a little friend visit me!!!

well i had a really good day today, im trying to shift this cold i have, for the weekend, im supposed to be going to a wedding do!!! Oh yeah i had a friendly visiter today!!! I walked into my computer room today and i saw butterfly on the floor, it sat there for ages. I tried to put it out the window but it wouldn’t go it wanted to stay, so it decides to land itself on my trousers so it didnt have to go. Then it eventually moved, im glad it did cause my leg was beginning to hurt being in the same position all the time!!! But instead of landing on something else but me, it decided to have a rest on my shoulder, no joke it had a nice rest there for a while too!!! At this moment in time it has rested itself on my curtains, i think it has decided to make itself home here. It was quite suprising too, you wouldn’t think a butterfly would want to go anywhere near you. Well i have made myself a little friend.

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