hi i haven’t posted in here in a while. But hey the latest news im going away for two weeks next week, i was supposed to go on the 24th but im not leaving till the 26th so thats a bt of good news, bad news is im busy all week so im not getting on the net much. Im going to this party on thursday and on friday im going out also. I have assignments to hand in on thursday so thats set back on time a bit. Im in college at the moment in the computer room and this is the only time im going to get on the net today. My brother yet again is taking over the net. I cant go on after cause my mum has decided to check the ISDN moniter thing, 12am is my limit. So i cant risk it or the internet will be ripped out. But i have made plans believe you me i have. I wish i could buy some more time or even stop time to be on the net, before i go to Ireland. Sure thats life, two more years and ill be out of here for good.

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Written by nicola_babe

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