help please

has anyone else seen people using their yahoo cam on their own site. i came across a site that used a yahoo cam to save bandwidth, and that is a good idea! so if you know, email me please. if i find out how to do this, i can put both of my cams on here and you wont have to worry about being a yahoo member.

also, does anyone know of any good banner exchange programs? like ones that actually do deliver. i have a banner on hotornot and ive displayed over 1,000 of their banners, yet i have not gotten 1 hit from them. thats just a waste of my time. so im up for anything. maybe ill pay for advertising on internetgossip.

and do you see that “10,000 hits to your site!” underneath this post? well that is a lie. i joined it thinking i could get some more traffic to hotornot but like the banner thing… not 1 hit. why are there so many freaking scams out on the net. hard to find the real stuff that is actually worth our time. ok, enough venting.

wait, im not finished. i hate yardwork too. ive been out there for the past 4 hours raking, and as i type this now, i have 6 blisters on my palms. ugh, pain. oh well, i think im going to shut up now. and go do something to my hands.

What do you think?

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