helped by the mafia

exam time! w00t. well that enthusiasm is definatly fake. anyways. this weekend was kinda slow. my offtime i spent getting ready for exams. nicola gets back tomorrow, so im excited about that. oh yea, at work saturday. this guy came in looking for a present for a kid at a party he was going to that night. so he picked out this stereo system that was about $129. and when he went to go pay for it, his credit card was declined. it was a store credit card, so i took him up to customer service so that he could ask what was going on. turns out that he bought something a few days earlier, that he returned, so his credit wouldn’t be back on the card till monday. so he started to get upset because he didn’t have anything to go to the party with. so as we were walking back to put the stereo system up, he was kinda cussing and all that. saying “what am i going to do” etc. you could tell he was starting to panic. so i suggest looking for a gift less than $129, thinking maybe he had enough credit on his card for that. so we did, found a boombox for about $62. and we went to the counter, and his card allowed him to buy it. now heres where it got freaky. i was standing in front of him, and he goes “you dont know how much you helped me. and then he put out his hand as to shake it. i shake it, then he grabs my hand hard so that i couldn’t pull away. then with his other arm, he puts it on my hip. at this point, im like “uhhhhhh” getting kinda uncomfortable. and then he goes, “you dont know how much youve helped me. do you know who i am?” im thinking in my head, “should i know you?” and then he goes into this story as if he’s a member of the mafia. this guy is puerto rican, kinda old (maybe 50s). then he keeps repeating “you helped me today, now im going to help you”. and he kept pausing looking into my eyes. i was really freaked out, but didn’t want to cause a scene so i just sat there listening. the girl behind the counter that was ringing him up was just standing there looking. but if it wasn’t for her help, that guy would of continued giving me this mafia story. she jumpped in asking him to sign the paper when you pay with a credit card. after he left me go. i went back to the warehouse and was back there waiting for him to leave. turns out he got into a conversation with the girl behind the counter. he was asking when she was available, and if she wanted to go out for dinner etc. this girl is my age, and was trying her hardeset to avoid his questions. later we were speaking about it, and she said that she could smell the alcohol on his breath. that explained it all. i bet he was semi-drunk. ah well, guess i should be off to school. got my internet programming exam in a few hours.

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Written by xorsyst


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