i am victorious

today was a pretty good day. it started off rough because i realized i did the wrong lab discussion write up, so i had to scramble to get it done before i left for school. none-the-less, i got it finished, and turned in. so then i went over to the commons for pool. if you were here a few days ago, you may have noticed someone named kwok talking trash on the tagboard. if you weren’t, let me refresh your memory with the log of the conversation:

dennis: david said that you don’t come to the grill no more cause he kicked your ass in pool
dennis: kwok said that your scared to play him too
xorsyst: LOL. i dont come, and everyone think they own me? what happened last time kwok! and dave… beginner’s luck!
Kwok: ill beat your ass in pool anytime and anywhere
Kwok: And i beat you in boxing monday night
xorsyst: *cough* big words there kwok. but i’ll shut you up come friday. watch!!!
Kwok: thats if u come friday. cause u going to be to scared to play!
xorsyst: oh i will be there early kwok, dont worry.

after that kinda talk, i just had to go and defend my skills! so…

after i go up to the commons, and guess what… kwok’s no where to be found. i ask dennis where he was, and he told me that he was in the computer lab. my first thought… he must be scared, lol. so i’m there watching dennis and my friend mike play right… and in walks kwok. now, this was the first time i’ve seen him since that conversation on the tag board… did i say hello? nope. i went and got him a pool stick, and put the quarters in and said… “lets go”. it was on! i let him break the first game… kwok, we gotta work on your breaks, lol. to make a long story short, by the time i hit the 8 ball in, he still had 5 balls left on the table! sure enough, he got quiet. so… we played again. this time, he got lucky. i was in the lead, and as i hit the 8 ball in, i scratched too. so he won the game even tho he didn’t technically beat me, i beat myself, heh. next game, i won, and then he had to go to class. so i stayed in there with mike and played a few games. now mike… pool shark in his own rights. as a matter of fact, he won the last pool competition held up on campus. today he must of been off, because i came back and won the first game. the second game, he beat me like i owed him money. wasn’t pretty at all. after the second game, who walks back in… kwok and dennis. at the time, the score between me and kwok was 2 – 1 (i’m winning) so we played another game. to make a long story short (again), the final score was 5 to 2. technically it should of been 6 – 1, but he scratched on the 8ball, but i let it slide. then, as i was going to hit the 8 ball in for an easy shot, he says that the cue has to bounce off at least 2 rails before hitting the 8 ball. so we were there for what seemed like days, but finally he got it in with a nice 3 rail combo. sooo…. kwok, all that talk, and yet, you disappoint me. you might of beat david 3 times in a row earlier… but i’m not david. speaking of david, YOU’RE NEXT on monday, mwahahaha

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst

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