i dont need a subject

another weekend over, and not much to talk about. right now im watching this guy across the street trying to clear out a lot. there are huge pine tree’s that he’s trying to knock down with a big crane thing… thing is, there are houses on 3 sides of the lot, so if he messes up, someone’s house/property will be screwed. anyways i spent most of yesterday helping b give his site a makeover. go check out the new and if you missed DrT‘s head shaving for charity, i was nice enough to capture the fun with an {{popup drt-shaves.gif drt-shaves 320×240}}animated gif. DrT did it for a worthy cause, the american cancer society, which he raised over $2,500 in pledges. and who says IG doesnt care?
and this special plug is for missy, who loves mountain dew as much as me! and cas is cute!

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst