i hate my car

today sucked beyond compare. while class was ok, what happened before and after class just ruined my day. on the way to school, my car was having pms i guess… at the lights, the engine kept cutting out. i think it’s a voltage problem or something. after battling with my car all the way there, when i tried to drive to the computer lab after class, it died while i was going up a hill. hella pissed didn’t even begin to describe my mood. i finally got it parked and went to the lab and just hung out there for 30 mins. then i decided to give my mom’s boyfriend a call so he could come pick me up, and we could take the car to the shop. i call him… and he tells me he won’t be able to make it until 6-7pm… now, at the time i called him, it was around 12. so that’s 7 hours being stranded at school. not cool. luckily, a few friends were in the lab, and i just hung out there. i went to install counterstrike on one of the computers in there so a friend and i could play, but did it work? no. the cd was messed up. so i spent all day talking to people online and hanging out in jenny‘s live chat. she is crazy! she tried to smoke a banana, and almost did it. she kept me amused till i finally made it home. what a day.

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