i haven’t posted in here for ages

hi everyone,

i haven’t posted in here in a while, ive been sooooooo busy and Louis can be my back up on that. Plus the fact my brother seems to get his own way sometimes and is on the computer for like 6 hours. He only comes to stay at my house for like 3 days in like a week, so fair is fair. Hey brothers are there to be annoying, my house would be totally weird without my brother around.
Ive been invited to like a college party next thursday so im looking forward to that, socialising with my mates, they never seem to want to leave me alone lately lol. Im actually popular for a change, ooooooo wonder what there after??? *thinks* i went too see a play for my course today it was really good. It was called 1984, its about big brother thing, cant remembr the exact story, but i know theres a book out on it. Anyway it was dead bloody. Lots of like violence and stuff, it was good but way too graphical. Its like doing a tour the plays next destination is Paris. I would love to go there some day!!!

What do you think?

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