i hurt all over

hmm, i dunno what it is about not posting on saturday. i don’t do it on purpose, but the same thing happened last weekend… oh well. i’m so sore today. i need a massage *hint*. i spent the most part of today working in the yard. ok, my mom’s boyfriend bought the cheap brand of fertalizer instead of the stuff we usually get. well, it just so happens that the fertalizer had wild grass seeds in it. so after a few weeks, the grass just took over our lawn. so we had to dig it all up! do you know how much of a pain that is! we worked most of the day, and we are about half way finished. this is so not cool. so i have something to look forward to next weekend!

oh, i got a new fansign today from klaire! she is so sweet, and her eyes…. ahh… so nice and so cute! thanks so much <3

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