i need to maim an inanimate object

have you ever felt the need to want to strike something really hard for no reason? well, i feel like that right now, except i have a perfectly legit reason… i so hate my car. i just finished my calc exam a few mins ago, and i went out to my car so i could go home. i put the key into the ignition and turn… nothing happens. so im like, ok, lets try this again… turned the key, and it wont even turn over. what does that mean? my battery is dead. so basically im stuck up here until i either: a) find someone to give me a jump start, b) call up my mom’s boyfriend to bring the extra battery that he just took out of my trunk a few days ago [i wouldn’t be in this trouble if he hadn’t taken it out], c) i dont know if there is a C. oh well. i’ll just stay in the lab for a bit. msg me on AIM, screenname: xorsystdotcom (not my normal one).

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