i procrastinate with the best of em

i have the worse headache right now. i’ve been programming since 12pm, and i’m STILL not finished. *sigh* i guess i shouldn’t procrastinate so much eh? oh well, that’s life. last night as i was trying to sleep, i had a few new ideas to spice up my site. i’m going to try and get started with em as soon as i finish this freaking program! *screams*. ah well. hmmmm, pluggage… ah yes, inna has up a nice new layout. if you missed her valentine’s day layout, too bad. it was a good anti-valentines day one! ok, well, back to the salt mines…

oh yes, if you haven’t been to the club, i’ve been adding at least 5 new pics a day in there. i think there are 59 pics in the webcam archive alone. click here to visit. ok, now i’m out.

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Written by xorsyst

ms cleo go bye-bye

2.5 hours of SLEEP