i wish i was that sexy

ugh, let’s see how long i can hold out. my right arm is soooo sore right now. i just got finished playing like 50 games of fusbol. i wanted to write this last night, but i got sidetracked. last night i had to go pick up my sister from a meeting. on the way, i realized i needed gas, so i stopped at the closest gas station. i got out of my car, and pumped the gas like normal. then i went to the store part to pay… what i saw inside shocked me. ok, picture this… a guy, around 250 pounds, looks like he recently shaved, long blonde hair, short daisy duke shorts (the kind with the cut-off look… frilly at the end), baby blue halter top, and yes, breast (or what looked like them anyways)… omg, i almost died right there. when i walked in, he was at the counter trying to ask how to get to an interstate. i couldn’t stop staring at him. luckily his back was towards me. after the lady behind the counter gave him the directions, he gracefully pranced out of the store, and into his truck and drove off. there was a moment of silence, and all 6 of us that were in there busted out with laughter. omg, tears were in my eyes i was laughing so hard. i knew one of the ladies behind the counter, and when i got up there, she was like, “louis i had to tell [the other girl] to serve him cause i just couldn’t look him in the eye”. then that other lady was like, “i can’t believe i just did that. do you know how hard it was to not laugh in his face.” i felt kinda bad, but if you said you didn’t find that a bit odd, i know you’re lying. well, now i know what it takes to make 6 total strangers join together in laughter… a wanna-be transexual.

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Written by xorsyst

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