ice ice baby

{{popup vice1.jpg Vanilla_Ice 200×293}}vice1 (26k image)while i was up in the attic getting down suitcases for my mom and sisters to go off to a wedding on wednesday (home alone for a week, not only are they leaving florida, they are leaving the country) something caught my eye. so i found my way through all the junk up there, and there, on the ground was a mtv trading card with none other than vanilla ice on it. in 1991, mtv released a set of trading cards with all the big artists of the time. i cant believe out of all that i once had, mr van winkle survived. now, i dont care what anyone says, if you were listening to music at this time (and liked the genre) {{popup vice2.jpg Vanilla_Ice 200×292}}Vanilla Iceyou listened to vanilla ice. if you say you didn’t, your might want to go to egypt and visit DENILE. mc hammer, tone loc, and everyone else that was popular back then, i listened to them. im not afraid to admit it, like many i know. remember that michael jackson video thriller? around that same time (1991) i think i had some of that gear he wore in the video. i remember those red leather pants. i think i had the generic pleather kind. if i had a picture, i would of added it in [here]. anyways, where i was going with this… people that dont admit stuff in fear of being embarrassed pretty much suck.

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