i’m a prostitute

omg, today was so good. i’ve never made $200 dollars so easily. it all started this morning. i was talking to some people, and i got a phonecall. so i picked it up and it was my mom’s boyfriend. he was at one of his customers house and he needed a computer case really bad. i have a brand new one for a system i was building, but the motherboards i had were bad. so it was just sitting in my room. anyways, he asked me if he could buy it for $50. i bought that case when i was down in miami for about $30. so i made a profit. THEN , around 4pm today, i heard bass comming down my street, so i knew it was one of my friends (lol, i’m like the only person my age that lives in the neighborhood. too many old people) anyways, 2 racing trucks pulled up. the first one i recognized as my friend, but the purple truck i didn’t know. the glass was mirror tinted, so i couldn’t see who it was. i walked out to the garage and realized it was my friend’s brother. they were out there talking, so i stepped out to see what was up. then my friends brother smiled as i walked towards them. i instantly knew he wanted something… so i go over there, and he’s like “hey man, could you work for me tonight?” my first responce was no cause i really don’t like working at that place (i worked there for 3 years in high school and i’m sick of that place). then he sounded like he was desperate, so he goes, how about $50, and you can keep what they pay you up there tonight. you don’t know how much i hate working at that place, so i again was like “nah…” and tried to make up some excuse. then he pulls out his wallet and flashes a $100 dollar bill in front of me, and goes “would this change your mind”. i felt like a whore… money = good! so i pretended to act like i was really thinking about it, and finally said yea. went up and worked tonight for about 5 hours. it wasn’t too bad. the place wasn’t as busy tonight as i thought. but later on i found out why he was so desperate. the guy that payed me… his brother is my friend, and he also works up there. so while we were working, i was talking to him about feeling guilty for taking his money, and he goes “well don’t. the reason he was so desperate was that he has to move out tonight. the new tenants will be here at 8am in the morning. and if he’s not gone, he has to pay fines.” so technically, it was his fault. he waited till the last min to do it, and he payed for it… literally. lol. so now i don’t feel so bad, and i have $150 in my wallet. but hey, didn’t i say i made $200 today? well, the place where i worked tonight will pay me in a few days, so that’s where the other $50 comes in. ah, i’m feeling good. now i gotta take a shower cause i smell like japanese food!

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Written by xorsyst

pigs DO fly!

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