im back!

hey im back, miss me? no i really wasn’t gone, but i was just taking a break from my site. if you messaged me, more than likely you got a responce. but im back and ready to get back to normal. i was working on a layout, but i changed my mind on it, and turned it into a wallpaper instead. you can check it out here. im going to start putting my designs on cause webshots is good for normal cam shots, but it lowers the quality on large things, and i hate that. i havn’t put everything on deviant yet, but over the next few days, ill put more up. i have an idea on what i want to do for the next layout, but i have yet to get started on it. besides that, im so sore. i had all these plans this weekend to get so much done. but this weekend i was outside laying sod. i was out there for 7 hours on saturday, and 4 hours on sunday. i dont remember the last time i hurt so much. i dont even think i was online much sunday cause it hurt to freaking type. this morning in the shower i dropped the soap, and spent 30 seconds trying to bend over and pick it up, and im not kidding! ugh, im going to go play tony hawk pro skater 3 online, anyone else want to play?

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