Im in Ireland

hi everyone, i am in Ireland and im at my friends house kate visiting her for a while. Thought i’d show her my site and say hi to all of you while im at it!!! Kate is like my best mate cause ive known her for about 11 years since she was a baby, her mum used to babysit me when i was little. So it is nice to see her again. Well i arrived in ireland at about 9.30am. I didn’t sleep at all last night i mean i stayed up all night and packed my suitcase about 5am in the morning talk about late packing. Said my goodbyes to my friends on the net. Now im here, i slept for about 4 hours this afternoon, from about 12pm to about 4pm or something. Woke up and i realised i miss someone dearly!!! Saw my nan and my dad it was so nice to see them both as i missed them. Louis you where right the break will do me good. Im glad to be here. My mate kate, it was so nice of her to let me on her computer to type this. Well best go got an email to do and put a post in my site as well. Miss you all lots!!!!


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Written by nicola_babe

My journey starts in 1hr and 45mins

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