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it’s funny. do you ever wonder how well you know the people you regularly speak to online? i got out of my class early today, and headed up to the computer lab. i logged into the computer like normal, and it seems as tho someone installed ICQ on this computer, and left their icq # and password in there. ICQ signed on as normal, and i got a few messages from people. i thought about it for a sec, and then i responded to them just to see if i could pass off being this person. i looked at the details to see who made this account. the girl, or should i say woman is named jenni, from alabama, 28 years old. she’s into scuba diving and other water activities. now, honestly i thought that the person would realize i wasn’t jenni, however, maybe i was wrong. jenni’s icq name is TydyPirate. heres the log:

The Nameless (10:42 AM) :
hey stranger
TydyPirate (10:43 AM) :

The Nameless (10:43 AM) :
lol hey hun hows u doin?
TydyPirate (10:44 AM) :
i dunno. upset
The Nameless (10:44 AM) :
aww y hun wos wrong
TydyPirate (10:44 AM) :
this professor is giving me a hard time
The Nameless (10:45 AM) :
awww hun :os
The Nameless (10:45 AM) :
i dont like teachers
TydyPirate (10:46 AM) :
how are you today?
The Nameless (10:46 AM) :
y is he/she giving u a hard time? if u dont mind me askin
TydyPirate (10:47 AM) :
The Nameless (10:47 AM) :
im good hun happy that i finaly get 2 chat with ya
TydyPirate (10:48 AM) :
we were supose to read a chapter, and then discuss what the author was trying to say in class. well, i had a really tough time with the book, and couldn’t grasp it. he singled me out and embarrased me.
The Nameless (10:49 AM) :
aww that sucks ppl like that shouldnt b teachers
The Nameless (10:49 AM) :
i know that feelin tho all 2 well used 2 happen 2 me near every day at school
TydyPirate (10:49 AM) :
i agree. however, the class is over, and im going to put it behind me now. how has your day been.
The Nameless (10:50 AM) :
very cool hun nicely said
The Nameless (10:50 AM) :
hehe im ok hun ty got my warrior justobdif up 2 lvl 30 now
TydyPirate (10:51 AM) :
cool, but can you do me a big favor?
The Nameless (10:51 AM) :
been out 2day takin piccys 2 with my digi cam lol
The Nameless (10:51 AM) :
yeah hun sure if i can
TydyPirate (10:51 AM) :
oh do you have any i could see?
The Nameless (10:51 AM) :
yeah if u like lol i have hundreds of piccys hun
The Nameless (10:52 AM) :
i love my cam lol
TydyPirate (10:52 AM) :
The Nameless (10:52 AM) :
no idea how 2 send em via icq tho its changed alot since i last used it lol
TydyPirate (10:52 AM) :
i have no idea either.
TydyPirate (10:52 AM) :
email it to me?
The Nameless (10:52 AM) :
give me a sec and ill have a fiddle
TydyPirate (10:53 AM) :
ok, thanks
The Nameless (10:53 AM) :
they are big
The Nameless (10:54 AM) :
lol i think it is sendin lol
The Nameless (10:54 AM) :
wot was the favour hun?
TydyPirate (10:54 AM) :
yep, slowly getting there.
The Nameless (10:55 AM) :
The Nameless (10:56 AM) :
wow this is faster than msn lol
TydyPirate (10:58 AM) :
yes it is. sorry im not responding fast enough. im helping a friend really fast.
The Nameless (10:58 AM) :
lol its ok hun
The Nameless (10:58 AM) :
and pls dont say sorry :op
TydyPirate (10:59 AM) :
wow, thats really good.
The Nameless (11:00 AM) :
lol u will prob think the pic is boring hun its an old castle by the sea side a few miles down the road from me
TydyPirate (11:00 AM) :
oh yea. that favor…
The Nameless (11:00 AM) :
TydyPirate (11:03 AM) :
can you please tell jenni to not leave her icq account logged into at school. i am not her. this account just logged in automatically, and you can see how much trouble that would of caused. i just did this to prove a point. if you talk to her soon, tell her the 3rd computer from the wall, in the 2nd row from the back has her account in it. thanks
The Nameless (11:04 AM) :
lol ok will do
TydyPirate (11:04 AM) :
thank you. have a nice day.

after that, i logged off the account, and tried to take her ICQ numbers off this computer, however, ICQ makes you enter the password in order to do that, so i couldn’t help her. what i did do was stop ICQ from loading on startup, so this shouldn’t happen again. see how nice i am? heh

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Written by xorsyst

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  1. Awww aren’t you such a gentlesoul? ^^;; Nice to see there are still people out there who are willing to care :)

    I know what you mean though, it is weird. I guess that’s just the law of the internet though, anonymity. Can’t tell if it truly is the person you think you’re talking too. I mean anyone can social engineer themselves into a different person and none would be the wiser.

    There’s some good examples of this in "The Blue Nowhere" by Jeffery Deaver. An excellent read if you ever get the chance :)

    See yah around.

    -Jay (Tranquil Hoshi)

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