in trouble

why don’t i get punished like a normal person? from the time i was in 6th grade, whenever i got in trouble, i always got my computer taken away. never have i not been able to go out with friends, not drive my car, not allowed to look at tv/radio, not allowed to talk on the phone… any of that stuff. it’s like, take my computer away from me, and hey, that hurts enough, lol. oh well. last night i got into an argument with my mom’s boyfriend about some stuff, and he got pissed, and told me to take my computer out of my room. 10 mins later, he rephrased it, and said take ALL of my computers out of my room. so i did, and he set it up in the foyer right by the front door to our house. i’m allowed to go on whenever i want, but i get no privacy. here’s the setup: {{popup comptrouble.jpg comptrouble 320×240}}my computers. but he doesn’t realize that i still have my laptop, mwahahah. webcam32 still isn’t working, so until i figure out what’s wrong, i can’t post new camshots with my webcam. i will have to use my digital cam until then.

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  1. maybe I’m just really disrespectful towards adults, but if my mom’s boyfriend tried to ground me from my computer I’d tell him to fuck off. You are not a kid and you shouldn’t have to put up with that crap.

  2. awww im sowwie :( if my mom’s bf (even tho my mom and dad aren’t divorced, but if they were..) i would be like shut up ur not my dad and don’t try to be! but then i would probly get in trouble by my mom for sayin that to her bf so o-well.. hope u get ur comp put bak in ur room! -=bibi=-

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