is it really necessary

how many times have you heard the jokes of women putting on makeup in the car and then causing a traffic jam? well, maybe that doesn’t happened realistically, or so i thought… today, at this busy intersection, a lady did just that. now, both lights were green, and i know everyone realizes that you can turn left on green if the oncomming traffic is clear… well, it just so happens that the lady in front of me seemed to be running a little late this morning. so she had to fix her face at the intersection. now, i consider myself a patient driver, but everyone has their limits. i was on the verge of driving around her! but then the light changed… just my luck. honestly, makeup isn’t that important to me on a female. if you can’t see natural beauty, then i feel sorry for you. but hey, that’s society right? artificial is synonymous with beauty…

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst

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