its saturdayyy

i dont know why i havn’t posted. i had dsl problems again on tuesday and wednesday, but that’s been sorted. i dont think i was on the net much wednesday because after seeing this pic, i felt i needed to go find something else to do. michael jackson may be the king of pop, but im sorry, thats a face even a mother cant love. i wonder if he wishes he could just start his face over from scratch. whats that on his nose??? anyways. on wednesday, i met this dude who lived in guantanamo bay, cuba with me. we didn’t know eachother at the time, but he recognized me from there. it was cool reminiscing about all the people there, who we had crushes on, lol. those were the days. dont you wish that you could turn back time just for a moment? i wish i could do that daily. oh well, so is life!

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