i’ve got layout fever

today was semi productive. i was in a layout mood from last night. i’m making a layout for nicola that should be finished in a few days. i REALLY like the layout i’m doing for her. i’m all jealous that it’s not for my site, heh ;) . but besides that layout, i did 2 more just for the heck of it. i don’t plan on using them on my site. the crystal one is suited for a male or female site. the colors are non-bias to either gender (that sounded funny). and the noiseterror layout is obviously suited for a girl. anyways, besides that, all i did was wash cars today. oh, and i found out that i’m getting my car painted. the new engine cost about $3000, so it should be ready soon. i’m getting sick of driving my sister’s car around. i had to go to the store today to pick up some stuff and i never knew there was such a thing as senior citizen parking… at first i didn’t notice it, so i parked like normal, but then after i got out, i felt kinda bad… i wonder if they have people that really police that kinda stuff. i would have moved, but i was just running in there and running out. so i appologize to any old person i kept from being closer to the door.

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