life = boring

i know ive been slacking. life has gotten boring all of a sudden! i woke up today with alot of plans before i have to leave for class at 12. wanted to go get my hair cut, but my barber was off today (not usual for him). so i have to wait till thursday. oh well. i ordered konamix off ebay on saturday, and it was shipped yesterday. so i will have it sometime this week, and i know the day i get it, im going to be playing it all night. i may set up a streaming cam or something. have you guys checked out the new yahoo messenger? it has this thing called supercam. allows people on broadband to have full motion video. its pretty cool. too bad its only 1 person at a time or i would change my yahoo cam to that. a have an idea for a new layout since im getting bored with this one. i still have another layout to put up for someone so that will come first. expect my layout in about 2 weeks or so (if i have the time). i need food.

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