dont you hate it when you have something to write about, but 30 mins later… you forget? thats so annoying. so this post will have no real purpose. i will just babble on about nothing in particular, wasting space as i so love doing. oh *brain fart* i do have something to ask. i need someone who has a livejournal site to email me. it seems as though they have stopped the free livejournals, and the only way you can get a free one is by asking an existing member for some pass code. my friend tami needs one, so if you can, please email her or me. thanks

i have a few ideas about that survivorcam post right below this one. ive been brainstorming, mwahahaha. i have to get working on it.

and for the record, i dont have a problem with a thousand naked people in a field pretending to be sheep, they may just love sheep… um, its not supose to sound that way, really it isnt. but when {{popup sheep-peek.jpg sheep-peek 616×800}}one guy has a different reason for being there, thats where things get funny. LOL

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst

survivorcam didn’t survive

are you hot or not?