long day

ah, finally back. xp installed fine, and everything works now. i still have yet to reinstall all my stuff. that’s going to take forever. oh well. i got the main stuff working. yesterday… hmmm. what happened yesterday. well, yesterday was the last day of my physics lab, and it was the longest lab yet! class started at 1pm, i didn’t leave till 4:30pm. being in a class that long… i never want to see that place again. too bad i still have the regular physics class to go. oh yea, i got hit while driving. the guy didn’t realize till too late that the light was red, and slammed into the back of me. luckily he wasn’t going fast or anything, and it didn’t leave any damage on my car or his. he was driving some honda with a low front end, so it hit directly on my bumper (lucky for him). and ohh, NICOLA is back!!! i’m happy. everyone go visit her site!

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Written by xorsyst

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