ah, it feels good being back in my room again. its weird tho. for the past um, 8 years ive been in that house. ive had posters and things on my walls. i hate a blank wall. it just looks so bare to me. however, after my room was painted, i was told not to put them back up cause the tacks mess up the paintjob or whatever, so im like fine. and just packed them up. now my room looks so sterile. just white walls. the only bit of color on them is the glow from my blue lava lamp. i dont know how much i can take of this! anyways, dont mind me and nicola on the tagboard. she‘s too crazy to follow i know :P haha, she‘s going to get me back for that one i know. so im expecting it! we are having a conv on tagboards, 3 of them as a matter of fact. so you prob wont be able to follow what’s going on. ok, that professor is looking at me weird. thats one scary dude. oh yea, 3 more days till bonnie‘s birthday! so go buy her something off her wishlist. and jenny has a new layout. check it out. she’s always so creative!

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