nelly is fake


i cant stand that nelly song, air force one’s for 2 reasons. one, nelly’s only popular cause he’s hip-hop. he’s not doing anything revolutionary for the scene. maybe he put st louis on the map (more than they were already), but thats about it. he crossed the color lines with his songs, and thats one reason he’s as popular as he is now… especially when he did that remix with nsync. anyways. i know youve probally heard about remixed shoes… aka, the nike air force one’s. i dont wear nike, and nike trying to push the air force one’s back into style for the 20th year anniversary is all cool, but do you really need to write a song about the shoes? nelly thought so. which leads me to my second point. nelly is too commercial to me. and he had the nerve to accuse KRS-One of being a hypocrite. in one of nelly’s songs on the cd, “nellyville”, he’s quoting as saying, “F*ck 40 acres and a mule, I want 40 acres and a pool”. he’s only in this for one thing, money. makes you wonder how much he got paid by nike to make this song. garbage

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