new streaming cam!

after a bit of source code snooping on yahoo’s site, ive figured out how to add a yahoo webcam to a webpage. “why should i put my yahoo cam on my site?” you may wonder. well, for one, you get a live streaming cam, with a 1 second refresh, that features zooming, and you can see how many people are viewing your cam realtime. but most importanly, you dont use any of your site’s bandwidth! if you want to check it out, click “chat” on my menu. i put one of my cams there. if you want to see the instructions on how to add it to your site, ive made a neat little page that explains it to you step by step here. to my visitors, that means you no longer have to be a yahoo member to view my live cam chats. speaking of live chats, im going to have one tomorrow. i dont know what time, but its going to be all day most likly. i have an appointment in the morning, but when i get back, ill go on cam. now that i dont have to worry about bandwidth, i can be on the chat as long and as much as i want.

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