oh well, life goes on

well yesterdays was one of the worse days in my life (there were some good parts, but just as it was getting better, things just got worse). i don’t feel like going into details about it all. however, one of the things is my car needs to go into the shop. something’s wrong with the engine, and it looks bad… may have to get a new engine ($2000) or just get a new car. things are still up in the air. so i don’t have a car right now… well i do, i’m driving my sisters car, but i rather be riding a bike than that car… oh well, i’ll live. anyways. due to some tech stuff, the forums are down for the time being. i haven’t decided whether i want to put them back up in the upcomming days, i will figure something out. and i just wanted to say thanks to nicola for cheering me up <3 u.

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Written by xorsyst

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