parking sucks

i swear this campus has the worse parking problem in florida. i got on campus about 10 mins before class. i had every intention on making it to class on time and pay attention. but did i? NO. i couldn’t find a decent parking spot. i prob used a quarter tank of gas just trying in and out of parking isles going at like 3mph. 30 mins later… yes, 30 MINS, i finally find a parking spot. by that time i was just so pissed that i didn’t even bother going to my first class which only had about 10 mins before it was over anyways. so i went to the computer lab and just played ut2003 with bashir. if anyone has UT, you can come play on my server. the address is: its up most of the time unless im using my bandwidth.

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Written by xorsyst

cant sleep

two for tuesday