people piss me off

its amazing how your day can go from pretty good, to horrible by just one event. after my last class of the day, i went to my car when i found my glove compartment was open. so then i immediatly look for my cd case, and its gone. i couldn’t believe someone broke into my car. besides the cds, they took my radar detecter. i lost all of my favorite cds. i only carry around the ones i listen to on a regular basis, and now i dont have a single one. after letting out some steam and a few choice words, i go up to the police station on campus. the guy asked me a few questions about what was stolen etc. then he fingerprinted around the windows and the doors. he found some fingerprints, but one may be my sisters’, so i dont know. however there is one that i cant explain, so hopefully its the people who broke in. sometimes, people just piss me off…

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst

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  1. i kno that must totally suck ass!!! sum1 broke into our house and stole like $250 dollars from my moms room…that whas pretty much it though. i kno how u feel. i am mad for you!!!

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