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ah, its hump day wednesday, why is it always a chore getting out of bed on mondays and wednesdays? well a day late, so here’s the two for tuesday:

1. When you’re feeling down, what activity is almost guaranteed to make you feel better?
talking to a close friend about what is making me feel like that. or just playing ddr and releasing built up frustration/energy. i like to do something productive when i can tho.

2. Everyone’s got their own definition of “comfort food.” What’s yours? m&ms. they just make everything seem better

anyways, i had that interview on tuesday instead of monday. i had to reschedule it due to some school issues. i dunno about that job now tho. im just not feeling comfortable with it like i thought i would. ive never had a customer service job, and i dont know if its suited for me. oh well. *continues with the job search*. i want to find something that is more of what im working towards in school. i need a job that deals with computers in some sorta way… whether it be webdesign, or programming.

What do you think?

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