postal workers are evil!

finally after 50 freaking weeks, my car is ready. they guy that was fixing it claimed his tools got stolen, that’s why it wasn’t finished 2 weeks ago. do i believe that? not really. i just think he wouldn’t admit he couldn’t fix it. but whatever he did, or one of the people he knows, did, it’s fixed. i have to go up there tonight and get it. anyways, one more day of summer school left… then i have about 2 weeks off, then fall semester starts again. gotta love these long vacations. did you know that today is the post office customer appreciation day? ok, neither did i. i had to mail a package for my aunt today. so i’m filling out one of those priority mail forms, when i hear a lady ask me if i want a soda or cookies. i stopped writing and glanced over my shoulder and there she was sitting in her uniform behind a desk. i noticed there were 3 employees at the front door greeting people as they walked in, but i didn’t know why. the lady behind me seemed suprised. she quickly went over and got a diet coke. then she said something along the lines of “i thought postal workers were supose to be mean” then the lady said in a sarcasticly-nice voice, “well today they’re making us be nice”. i about died with laughter before i went back to writing the rest of the address.
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