public bathrooms will never be the same

well, i’m supposed to be working on some work due today, but it was hella cold this morning, so i went over to the library to warm up for a bit. i swear it was in the 30’s low 40’s this morning. what makes it even worse, this is florida… the sunshine state. oh well. this computer is annoying me cause the highest resolution it can get is 640×480, 256 colors, and it’s running netscape. one, my site doesn’t show up in netscape. (boo @ netscape). i used to be one of the people who hated IE, up until i got back into webdesign and realized netscape is basically stupid. but back to the reason why i’m even posting. i went to type in the url to jackie‘s site,, and you know how browsers have the autocomplete where it will try to finish the url as you are typing it? well i typed in, “www.r” then it went to complete it with the url: so i’m like, “hmmmm”, and went to the site to see why on earth someone who was at this computer before would visit that site (i still don’t know why). the site is called, “restrooms of the future” (whoa, that title alone has got me all wet with anticipation).

so i’m clicking links, looking at what’s on there… when i find a guide for women on how to pee standing up. the description of the article went like, “How does it feel to use a urinal for the first time? TRULY AMAZING! It sort of felt wonderful, and naughty at the same time, if you know what I mean. Sort of like the first time I went skinny dipping at a nude beach.” now as a guy, i really don’t remember my first time using a public urinal that exciting. in fact, i don’t really like public bathrooms to begin with. well, i continue to look deeper into the site and find an article on public bathroom saftey. i never knew so much thought went into creating those sliding locks you find on public bathrooms. the writer then breaks off and trys to make the reader realize how important public bathroom safety really is. he writes, “Did you know there are acually schools in the third world that teach their students how to steal belongings from people while they

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