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Hi, Im from Germany – and usually not the person, that comments each n evry website. In your case I do, out of two reasons. First: The pics you(?) made of yourself are really very very good, I liked them: Colors, lights, mood – excellent! If you made them really yourself, you definitely have a lot of talent. I know professional photographers who need a studio and equipment for tenthousand of dollars until they produce such results. Once again: My compliments.
Second: The longer I looked at your pics, the more I became shure that you must also have a good talent for acting. You should give it a try… To me it looks like you are able to express your feelings very good – the best basis for a professional actor. :-) Wish you a lot of success on your way.

emails like that make me feel good, even tho i think im too shy to act, heh.

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst

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