reality bites

reality sucks… well, when you have to take a course in physics… it does. on mondays, i have my 3 hour physics lab. up until now, all the labs we had to do were fairly easy, and didn’t take too much thought. i mean, if you could read instructions, you were home free. today was a bit different. my partner and i took 2 hours (almost) trying to set up the stupid experiment only to find out we had it right the first time. i don’t even want to try explaining it because you had to be there. when you have to worry about real life forces such as wind resistance, friction, blah blah blah, it makes life so much harder. my advice to you… when you have to take physics in college, take universal physics or something. things are sooo much easier when you don’t have to worry about real life stuff.

my day was fairly good… up until that class tho. around noon, i was walking to my car and found some of my friends out in front of the commons, so i decided to hang out there for a bit. well, turns out the kappa alphas and the phi sigma sigma’s were out there trying to raise money for some charity. now… i know you all have heard of having a dance off or something to raise money. that’s cool and all… it takes some effort, and it’s for a good cause… but i swear the ka’s and sigmas on our campus are lazy! instead of a dance off, or anything that required the slightest bit of effort. they were having a rock off. ok, at first i see the TK101 van (a local rock radio station) there, so i thought it was just a clever name. well, turns out ka and sigma members were on a makeshift stage on the common greens, sitting in rocking chairs, just rocking… it was a nice day outside, not to warm, nice breeze, and they decide to just rock in rocking chairs while the local radio station plays music. and they had the nerve to ask for donations. is it just me, or is something wrong with that picture?

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