school != good

ive come to the conclusion that school has finally become tough. i have been trying to deny the fact that this semester is just as hard as last semester, but its finally become too much. right now, im trying to study for my microprocessors exam tomorrow. its going to be tough. we have to do a lot of binary, decimal, ascii, hex conversion and multiplication with no calculators or reference charts. so i have to commit all this stuff to memory. bad thing is, i cant concentrate because i so just want to stay in bed tomorrow, but oh well. this morning, gianna put a smile on my face by sending me a valentine. and when i got off from school today, and checked my mail, camilla sent me one too! thank you soooo much! at least someone is thinking of me on valentines day. well off to do more studying. *sigh*

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Written by xorsyst


happy v day to all