school school school


ah, finally got my schedule straightened out, and i got all the classes i NEED (not i said need, and not want). oh well tho. im taking internet programming, technical writing, cal 1, and discrete math and apps. it just sounds like a boring schedule, but its things i need to take for my major. last semester i had really fun classes, but now is the time to work. whats going to suck tho is i have to be at school from 9am till 7:15pm mondays and wednesdays! what a long day! but i have a long break after my 9am class. my next one doesn’t start till 2, so no doubt i will be hanging out in the commons. i have to stop by work before i go home in a bit to talk to my supervisor to tell her what days i can and cant work. basically its the same days as last semester, except i cant work in the mornings on friday. i hate closing!!! its so slow, and we are usually bored by 7pm, and go mess with the drum machine, or watch tv. so starts another semester of school…
oh, some people have said that flash thing over there slows down thier computer. has anyone else had this happen? after a few days, im going to take the music off auto start just to save bandwidth. it will still be there, you will just have to manually press play if you want to hear it. i may change the song. i have alot of good breakbeat cd’s and mp3s. think i will have to expose everyone to them.

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